Planning for IF: Gathering

Ok ya’ll I KNOW how to plan a wedding.  I’ve been doing this for 18 years.  I know all the pieces that belong in a wedding.  I have tried and true checklists to help me accomplish a wedding.

imageWELL…. Planning IF:Gathering is like planning my very first wedding WITHOUT ever having even attended a wedding before. Big difference!  But one thing is different with this event.   Yes, there are things that the leadership team and I needed to do to spread the word and get the space ready BUT I have tried very hard to remember The Lord is” in charge” of IF:Clear Lake.

Three days until we join about 1500 women to worship together, to pray together and to grow together.

i can’t wait to see how The Lord is going to move through this band of sisters this weekend.

Join us if you’re in the Clear Lake area, I want to hug your neck.   If you can’t join us or another group then please pray for us.   Stayed tuned IF isn’t going away!!!!!


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