50 YEARS!!!!!!

Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis

Fifty years ago this past January a skinny girl started a new school.  Another skinny girl started that day also and the third skinny girl was already there waiting for us.

Fast forward 50 ( yes 50 years) and we are still those skinny girls  ( on the inside).  But now we’re wives and mothers and grandmothers.  Our lives have taken varied and crazy twists and turns. There were years we weren’t in  touch with each other but every time we got together we were skinny 12 year old girls again as if no time had past.

” I thank my God every time I think of you”  Boy are those true words about these “girls”!!

Debbie Pryor Brown, Sandra Chastain Davis and Pam Pearce Parker are amazing friends, amazing women and it just keeps getting better.  We are all three so very different and who knows if we met today if we’d become friends but this friendship has stood for a reason.

18 years ago after the death of one parent each we decided to have a “girls weekend” with another friend from school.  We were faithful for a few years but we allowed life to keep us from getting together.

This past weekend the three of us returned to our favorite getaway FULL MOON INN in Luckenbach.  (if you haven’t been  you should).  We ate way too much, laughed like crazy girls and came away with a friendship that was even stronger than ever before.  We made a pact to set the alarms on our phones for twice a day and  stop and pray for each other, our families, situations etc.

What a gift God gave me 50 years ago, and He renews it all the time.

More soon about some of our adventures while in Fredericksburg  along with pictures.

Somehow I don’t think we managed to get a group shot of the three of us, but we tried!!

Picture this two grandmothers sitting on the porch posed and smiling while the third grandmother sets the timer on the camera and runs like hell to get in the picture.  We didn’t get the picture but we sure dissolved into giggles!!

I love these girls



3 thoughts on “50 YEARS!!!!!!

  1. Beautifully said, Pam! It was definitely a weekend to remember. I love our daily reminders to pray for each other. What a sweet blessing from the heart of our Lord!


    • Denny! Thanks for the sweet comments I missed them until today. Time as “the three Amigo-ettes is precious and magic. Luckenbach and Full Moon Inn is the perfect place for that.So happy we met you and you shared some “magic time” with us


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