I guess I’ve always known that there were seasons in life.  I’m not sure I was all that aware of them as I was smack in the middle.   There are some real advantages to being 62.  I have the clarity to look back recognize and appreciate those seasons for what they were. I prayed often in the last year for God to help me appreciate this new season of my life.   The one with a mandatory trip to the hairdresser every 5 weeks.  The one with grown children and a thickening waistline.   With little aches and pains that are unkind reminders of my years.  I prayed to love this time and I can only imagine the smile on my Lords face as He thought ” oh daughter, this is going to be grand ” AND IT IS!   It took a while to get there  as we had my mentally ill sister in law with us 15 months.  Our Father knew she would only be on this earth for 15 more months and we had to care for her.   Another teaching moment! “Trust me Pam I’ve got this” This season is so good!!! I feel relaxed and rested and at peace with who I am.  I spent time with my two oldest friends in the world and giggled like a 12 year old.    I rediscovered that really handsome boy I married 44 years ago ( next week).  I have been blessed with a community of awesome women at my church, IF: Gathering and that crazy group of women known as the For The Love Launch Team. To my young sisters neck deep in Mothering: this is such a precious time!  Don’t miss a minute of it!  You’re growing adults who will be in charge of this crazy world some day ( and will be in charge of putting you in a Home). Yes maybe you can’t fly off to Austin to party with Jen Hatmaker and the tribe this time but you’re doing something much more important and this season is short ( I know it doesn’t feel like it) To my Sassy Sisters that were born in the 50’s, watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, survived the 60’s and are going kicking and screaming into our 60’s we’ve got this!!!!  We’re wise and wonderful and we’re not through yet.  Getting old isn’t for sissys.  If we can survive miniskirts and Twiggy we can do this!?! I’m writing this sitting on the patio sipping coffee on a Saturday morning.   A perk of this season for sure.


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