Just a quick peek

  In July we bought a pretty little piece of land just outside of Blanco where we are going to build our “retirement” home.

As it often happens life gets in the way of our best plans and it still sits waiting for us to get started on our home.  Our youngest son Drew went to the Dr the week after we closed on the land and ( as you may already know) had open heart surgery this summer to implant an LVAD( his second).

Drew’s recovery has been great and he is moving back to San Marcos in January and we will get started on our house. 

 On Saturday and Sunday we walked the property and dreamed 

 With the recent rains our little creek was flowing. 
   The view from the top of our  “hill” 

This being 60 thing won’t be all bad since we get to have this new adventure.

Hey just a little reminder, don’t forget to join me on Feb5 & 6 for IF:Gathering Clear Lake!!!



3 thoughts on “Just a quick peek

  1. So happy for you…..I’m going to believe that Dan and Bel will visit you there one day…..My dad was born in Blanco…..so it I dear to me…..


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