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I find it hard to put into words the peace I am beginning to have concerning aging and my ” after children” life.  For a good bit of time I felt a little lost and without purpose and I didn’t like it one little bit. I became impatient with myself and with God because I wanted to get on to the “next thing”.  Instead of rushing ahead to something new, I am finding great peace and a quiet joy in just being.  Am I through learning and growing, good grief I sure hope not!  Let me tell you “young ones”,even at 63 there are new things to learn and new adventures ahead.  I think the difference is I feel content to wait for them.  During this time God is teaching me serenity, and it seems to be fitting quite nicely. So here I sit full of serenity and wisdom until the next crazy crisis shakes my world again.   There are no promises of what your life will look like, but this I believe…

You go nowhere by accident

Wherever you go,

God is sending you.

Wherever you are,

God has put you there.

God has a purpose

in your being there.

Christ lives in you

and has something

he wants to do

through you where you are.

Believe this and go in the

grace and love and

power of Jesus Christ.

— Rev. Richard Halverson

And just because I have no great picture to go along with this post I’m going to share a picture of my son Drew and his puppy Blanche Du Bois


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