My Momma

Today would have been my sweet mother’s 84th birthday.   84?? I can’t even imagine her that age. 

  Mother died when she was 64 of heart failure.  Anyone who knows my family understands why this is very poignant.  We had no idea when Mother died of the legacy of heart failure she would leave us.

I’m 63. I have heart failure. When I feel the urge to whine or complain I am reminded how lucky and blessed I’ve been.   They constantly tried different drugs trying to improve Mom’s heart function and she made more runs to the hospital than I care to remember.   When I was diagnosed they gave me a wonderful drug ( that was a real struggle to adjust to) that improved my function markedly.

At my exact age my sweet momma didn’t drive any longer, couldn’t clean her own house and shop for groceries.   Her heart just wouldn’t  let her.

Last Sunday Quin and I took our grandkids to Schilterban and floated the lazy ( it’s not all that lazy) river.  Did the heat get to me? Yeah!    Was I sore the next day? HELL yeah! But I could do it.

Today we are celebrating the birthday of my great niece Lilly.  All five of Momma’s great grandchildren will be there.  I can’t think of a better way to honor my Momma.


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