Sitting on the couch this last day of 2016 sipping my coffee and enjoying my Christmas tree before it makes its exit.
Thinking about the Christmas of my childhood. We celebrated with the same people, ate the same meal and I was just fine with that.

But grandparents pass away and then parents do and I find myself the grandparent!!!

This was the first Christmas that my youngest son Drew wasn’t here for Christmas morning.  Because of the age difference between my two sons Drew was still leaving cookies and milk for Santa when Quincy III spent his first Christmas out of my house.

It was different for us but the one thing I’ve learned about this life is it changes whether you want it to or not.

Don’t think this Christmas was sad for us at all though, just different. Because this grandmother has learned to anticipate Christmas and not leave everything to the last minute I had time to really enjoy it. A trip after Thanksgiving with the grandkids.  The Nutcracker with my precious Merritt,cookie baking.  Almost every year our grandkids come the night Santa comes to the neighborhood.  We have hot cocoa and Christmas cookies and watch a Christmas movie.  This year was no exception!!!! (Except we missed Santa!!!!)

We had Christmas Eve with our oldest and the grandkids.  Christmas morning we drove to Austin to spend with Drew.  We had gumbo Christmas night with the Kenny Parkers.  It really was a wonderful Christmas!!!! Different yes, but still wonderful. 

I’m a little sad that I took no pictures. But happy that I was so in the moment that I didn’t even think of it.

Christmas 2016 was a good one and is ready to be put away.  

2017 is full of so many possibilities.  Some of them are going to be wonderful and some scare me,to be honest. So I will hold tight to this

Happy New Year everyone!!!!


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