Saying goodbye to ” Its Crazy Ya’ll

It’s  Crazy Ya’ll  never really got the time or attention it deserved to be a real blog, mostly because my life was crazy for real.  My sister  and my husband’s sister had come to live with us just as we were trying to settle in to life as empty nesters.

Life is still crazy at Casa Parker for sure.  My sister in law has sadly passed away and my youngest son has come home to live while waiting for a heart transplant.

I have chosen to live this sometimes crazy, sometimes wonderful  life with as much joy and grace as I can.  Please join me over at The Home Place as we plan, design and build our sweet little home in the Texas Hill County.  I want to share with you my dear readers the things that mean the most to me, the books. recipes and people I love.  In my little online shop I hope to share items I love and hope you will too.

So follow me over to The Home Place


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